Hello all and welcome to Hillbilly Hydrographics & Leather Works. A little about my company, I strive for excellence in everything I do. I am a one man band everything is done by me and handmade. I only use high quality materials and everything is made or dipped right in my North Carolina shop by me. I am proud to announce my own line of EDC (every day carry) reinforced belts. I am calling them the "the last belt". They are a 3 layer design using heavy duty nylon webbing bonded and stitched between 2 layers of quality leather. It makes for a very lightweight real everyday carry belt. They will still conform to your shape like a good belt should but the nylon and the quality leather gets rid of the stretch and rolling that you get from cheap belts. Also my edc belts come out finished right at 3/16" which is thin enough to fit all holsters and belt loops unlike some of the other edc belts on the market which are way to thick and stiff. If belt isnt comfortable you want wear it. I have always worked with my hands doing construction/remodeling with leather work being a fun hobby on the side. I started doing hydrographics and high end leather work full time back in 2016 and never looked back. Making high end custom shooting accessories and anything that can be made with leather.  Also getting everything together in my shop so I can do more bake on finishes like cera-kote and adding a hot bluing or case harding set up in near future. I want to become your one stop shop for anything outdoors. I love what I do. I am a newer company that hasnt been making leather goods for 100 years but I am making one of a kind leather goods that will be around the next 100 years. I love making one of a kind items for people and always up for a new challenge. All our leather is top quality as is all hardware used. If you can dream it, I can make it. I am not set up for e-comerce at moment and very new to computers in general. I do hope to add online store in future. I have set up a paypal account to accept payment on custom orders and shipping is free most of the time. If anyone likes what they see or has any questions at all feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully I can add pics to here in future of your very on custom made for you item. Any guns on this website are my personal firearms and are not for sell they are just to show off some of my hydrographic work and to show fit on holsters and conceal carry bags. Im working on getting my ffl (federal firearms licence). But as of now i will only do any hydrographic work on parts only meaning if you would like a stock done for your rifle or such you would have to disassemble yourself and only give me the parts to dip. Im not trying to break any gun laws for anyone because my guns and my freedoms are very dear to me. Thank you for understanding and God Bless America.